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Half marathon and 10K family fun races in Martinsville, VA - near Roanoke, VA and Greensboro NC

Nail the Rail 9 Miler
Run the Rail 5 Miler

Saturday, November 7, 2020

5 Miler Added!!!

Saturday - NOVEMBER 7, 2020 – 9 AM


Runners attempt to NAIL the RAIL by running the 9 mile course in 60 minutes or less.  A simple concept.  Start at milepost -0- at the Dick & Willie Passage’s Virginia Avenue Trailhead.  Run to trail Milepost 4.5.  Turn around and run back to milepost -0-.  Runners of all abilities welcome.  Whether you run 50 minutes or an hour and 50 minutes, you accomplish something that a majority of folks cannot.  You run 9 miles!

Not up for 9 miles?  New this year, we have the RUN the RAIL 5 Miler option.  Start at milepost -0- at the Dick & Willie Passage’s Virginia Avenue Trailhead.  Run to trail Milepost 2.5.  Turn around and run back to milepost -0-.  A fast 2 ½ mile downhill finish!


·         There will be no race day registration.  Online registration is strongly encouraged.

·         Volunteers will wear masks and gloves at packet pick-up.

·         Runners, volunteers, organizers and spectators are requested to practice social distancing at all times when not running.

·         There will be no post-race food served.  Bottled water and sports drinks will be provided.  Runners desiring post-race food are encouraged to bring their own.

·         Runners are requested to avoid personal contact, spitting, snot rockets, slinging sweat or running in tight groups.  Hey, we know that it’s a race.  Just try to give your competitors wide berth as you pass or get passed.

·         Race start will consist of waves of socially distanced small groups every 15 seconds.  Runners will self-seed into designated corrals based on expected finish times.  Chip timing will ensure accurate times for all runners.  Race organizers will provide detailed instructions prior to start.

·         Awards will be announced and placed on tables for pick-up.

Registration is open.

2020 Results


Met the Challenge

The Nail the Rail Challenge  is to complete the entire 9 miles of the trail in under an hour.  See the complete list of those that Nailed the Rail since the race inception in 2015.



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